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The company was incorporated as public ltd company on 17th January 1975 under the Companies’ act 1956 And obtained certificate for commencement of business on 25th 1980 from the Registrar of companies, Mumbai Maharashtra.

The main object of the company which are fully set out in its memorandum are, inter alia to carry on business of manufacturers, designers, planners, engineers, consultants, contractors, fabricators, assemblers, processors, patentees, dealers and traders, importers and exporters of industrial and non industrial plans machineries, equipment tools, stores and spares and to promote develop ad provide designs, plans, layout, and technical knowhow, process turnkey consultancy engineering and allied services within and outside India.

The company has been promoted by shri G.R.Agrawal and his associates. Shri Agrawal is leading industrials in the central area region. The management of the company rest with the board of directors compost of industrials and technically qualified professionals.

Main Object: To Carry On Business Of Manufacturers, Designers, Planners, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Fabricators, Assemblers, Processor, Patentees, Dealers, and Traders, Importers And Exporters  Of Industrial And Non Industrial Plants Machineries, equipments, tools stores and spares and to promote develop and provide design plans, layout and technical knowledge, processes, turnkey consultancy, engineering and allied services within and outside India.

Present Business:To carry on business of an investment company or an investment trust company and to undertake and to transact all kinds of trust and agency. To carry on business and financiers and for that purpose to lend or invest  money and negotiate loans in any forms or manner, to draw, accept, endorse, discount, buy, sell and deal in bills of exchange, hundies, promissory notes and other negotiable instrumented securities and also to issue  on commission, to subscribe for, undertake, acquire and hold, sell and exchange and deal, in shares , stock, bonds or debentures or securities of any government or public authority  or company, gold, silver and bullion and to form, promote, subsidize and assist companies, syndicates and partnerships of the kinds  to project, promote and to start industries and also to give  any guarantee for payment of money or performance of any obligation or undertaking and to undertake and execute  any trust  and generally  to carry on and undertaking, transaction or operation commonly carried on or undertaken by capitalists, promoters, financiers and underwriters, industrialists, but not to carry  on business of banking or insurance within the purview of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 or the Insurance Act,1938.

To carry on the business of dealers and agents in property to purchase, sell, to take on lease and arrange lease for others and to acquire and improve immovable property of all description and to undertake business of land and estate agents, builders, colonizers, contractors, and to deal in building structures, erections and tenements and to develop markets, shopping and commercial centres and the complexes, industrial and semi industrial estates and to undertake business connected therewith and undertake manufacture of building and construction materials, equipments and machinery.


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